Brighten Dark Rooms

Your Home

Your home is a unique reflection of you and your style. But without proper lighting, your homemay feel closed in and dark,making it difficult to read, cook, and even differentiate between colors. With Solatube® Daylighting Systems, you can turn any dark room into a sunroom— even those on the ground floor or in the basement. And because installing a Solatube Daylighting Systemcan usually be done in about two hours, you can change your light and begin enjoying a better quality of life all in the same day. So what are you waiting for?

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Great, quick and friendly service. The installers were wonderful! I can see in my kitchen during the day This is a great product.

Great experience. Very knowledgeable, friendly, professional. Love the results the natural light makes a huge difference in my kitchen area. Would highly recommend this business for anyone looking for a natural light solution!

Solatube transformed the natural lighting in my kitchen – it’s amazing!! Daylight Pro Team – very professional, knowledgeable and friendly – overall excellent service. I highly recommend if you want natural lighting at an affordable price.

We are extremely pleased with the result of our install. You light up our lives!
Also, I wanted to commend your workers on a job well done. They were courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and precise in their work.

Daylight Pro are fantastic. Met at the Ptbo Home Show (Apr 2). Went to their showroom to see display (Apr 4). Received estimate from Logan and made down-payment (Apr 4). Installed (Apr 12). All staff were very receptive, very professional and the installers did a fantastic job. A dull, dark diningroom is now bright and looks like there is always a light on during the day. Exceptional experience !!!


We recently had a Solatube light installed. We were very pleased with the installer’s professionalism, demeanor and lighting expertise. He did a great job and was concerned about leaving no traces of work behind. We love our Solatube.

Thanks for the great service.


Immediately upon installation we were extremely impressed with the results. A once almost dreary interior room has been transformed into a bright, welcoming one..

Thanks for the great service.


We couldn’t be happier with our new lighting. The men we dealt with were kind and honest. Our installer was very capable and quick. I was surprised that he cleaned up, too!


Thank you so much for making my Solar Attic Fan experience such a nice one. I wasn’t sure I should get it without talking to friends about it first, but it’s doing the job just as I thought it would and just as you both explained it to me!!! I’m loving it and know “I did good” by getting it.

Today is a very hot muggy day, but it is actually nicer in my home than outside thanks in part to the Solar Attic Fan. Usually by 3:00 until midnight or so my house is warmer and stuffier than outside. It used to take so long to cool down inside my house. Now it’s not only better than it used to be but better than it is outside! I’m really happy about it. I notice I’m using my ceiling fans less and closing my front door earlier!

The installer was so nice, helpful and even really fun to speak with on the phone, and then he showed me the product and re-explained everything and was so nice and easy to have at my home. It’s just really nice to work with such good people and such a good product. It made my decision easy. Installation was fast and easy and now I’m happy with my decision. How great is this!

So, I just wanted to give you a big thank you…THANK YOU! I will recommend you and the Solar Attic Fan.


I was going to buy an air conditioner. I am so happy I didn’t waste my money. My house is about 10 degrees cooler and it has cleared up my moisture problem in the winter time. The best part about my solar-powered attic fan is that it runs by the sun, so I pay no money to keep my house cool. Finally, they came out and were professional and did quality work.


I just want to tell you how very pleased I am with my new solar attic fan. It does seem unbelievable, but I have been sleeping so much better since it was installed. I have had a sleeping problem for quite some time and I cannot tell you how thrilled and surprised I am about the extra sleep I am getting.

My neighbor and I would go to each other’s house and hers was always much cooler than mine. We have identical houses and could not understand why the difference in temperature. When she had her Solatube installed the day that I had my solar attic fan installed we found out the answer. The installer informed her that she already had an attic fan.

So I just want to thank you so much for the extra benefit that I am getting from the new attic fan.

Thank you so very much!!!!